The JoyCat Story:

Joycat 2019 was borne from a deep desire to transmute the whole-body emotion of joy to the infinite masses. Through the powerful alchemy of Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Practices and Art, artist Rebecca Totman has been working on transforming her own fear from personal trauma and societal constrictions into freedom and joy. And now, it is time to share! Joycat 2019 is intended to be a vehicle for the metamorphoses of fear into joy for every individual who participates in her creation and interacts with her; whether in-person or via the Burning Man Webcam/Website or social media.

While watching the Burning Man webcam incessantly last year, Rebecca decided she had to go back home. And she must make a sculpture with her community. She had an idea in mind for the piece and thought that if she could make it small, she could make it big. Rebecca loves sculpting, she earned her BFA from MSUD in 2005 and hasn’t stopped creating art since, albeit slowly due to a busy work life as an Associate Producer of Animation on The Simpsons. While she had confidence in the “making it small/making it big” part of things, she had even bigger confidence in her ability to recruit and lead talented people. Rebecca believe anything is possible with teamwork (and it’s WAY more fun!) She called  her friend Adriane Dos Santos (she’s a super talented fine detail sculptor) and asked her if she’d like to help me make a maquette.

Adriane Dos Sontos always had a love for art throughout her life but didn’t discover her talent until 4 years ago when she decided to pursue what has now become her passion. Not having the privilege of attending an art school and only having a few technique classes under her belt, she was forced to learn on her own and become a self-taught sculptor. After the first time of running her fingers through the clay and letting the magic of formation take place is when she knew this was her calling and fell in love with sculpting. Adriane felt called to help on this project because of the overriding message of joy and the opportunity to explore new media and techniques. After about a month of hard work, the beautiful maquette was complete and Rebecca called Gentle Giant Studios to help with the 3D scan.

View more of Adriane’s work at

And so, it began. From there Rebecca called Gentle Giant Studios to help with the 3D scan. Being Burners themselves, they were super excited to help on this project. Word spread in our community and all of a sudden, JoyCat 2019 had a couple of mentors. Things have been rolling along (with mighty persistence) ever since.

Currently the project is with Rbhu engineering making sure it won’t be knocked over in a wind storm or pulled down by a clueless climber. Rebecca is super happy to say we’ve got a build site here in Pasadena where we’ll be hosting monthly live fundraisers. We’re projected to start building in the beginning of May (if not sooner!)

History of Love/Hate Los Angeles-

Rebecca Totman created artist group Love/Hate Los Angeles in 2010 as an outlet for creative expression, outside the traditional gallery system. The mission of Love/Hate Los Angeles is simple: to create space for people to create and display their art, regardless of profession or level of education.